VoIP Cost and Call Plans

Fully transparent prices for every call you make


If you’ve opted for a package with no minutes included, we want to be fully transparent about the rolling costs of the calls you make.

We recommend using a Minutes Bundle to give you the best value for money for your outgoing calls.

VoIP Packages

Comms Lite 

Includes 100 Minutes to landlines per user.


Comms Premium

Includes all calls to landlines and mobiles, does not include calls to premium numbers.


Comms Plus

Includes 500 minutes to landline, 250 mobile per user.


Internal calls

Here at CloudyComms we won’t charge you for calls coming into your numbers or calls made between users within your organisation.

Rich presence

The Swyx interface is designed to show users who is away from their desk, who is on a call and who is available, as well as diverting calls and more.

Swyx basics

Enjoy all the benefits of the standard Swyx system such as the smartphone application, conference room creation and advanced call routing.

1 External number

Organisations opting for Comms Lite will be assigned one external telephone number with the option to purchase additional numbers.

Free Bluetooth headset

As a welcome gift to users with a minimum of 3 users on Comms Lite we are delighted to provide a free Bluetooth headset to get you started.

Voicemail to email

Get email notifications when you receive a voicemail that includes an audio file so that you can listen to it on the go or save it for later use.

Call Prices

Call Type


Geographic (01, 02, 03)


Non-Geographic (08, 09, 118)

6p to Variable



Premium Mobile (07520, 07744, 07755, 078222, 074416, 07777, 078228)


Isle of Man


Geographic Islands (Jersey/Guernsey)


Directory Enquiries


All fees stated above are exclusive of VAT. Calls between your Swyx-enabled offices are free. There is a minimum call charge of 1-minute (from a minutes bundle) or 1p for PPM calls on all calls except to freephone numbers. Calls that are diverted to landlines will be charged at the normal rate.

**Please note that all calls are charged at the above price per minute for every minute or part minute of call time. Calls of less than a full minute will be charge at the next full minute price. Calls in excess of the allowed number of minutes within a bundle will be charge at the above call prices.

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