Find out more about how a Swyx phone solution
can transform your business communication

Swyx is Flexible

The Swyx Unified Communications solution from CloudyComms, which uses VoIP technology, lays the foundation for futureproofing your organisation’s communication platform. The system comes with continuous upgrades and updates and with additional options and add-ons, Swyx is designed to evolve alongside your company.

This state-of-the-art technology allows you the flexibility to connect with both modern SIP connections from your service provider or via an established ISDN telephone network for handling external voice communication. And whichever you choose, Swyx never compromises on the quality of your call.

Swyx isn’t only there to give you the best possible voice calls – as well as instant messaging, it enables faxes to be send directly from applications with a print option, making traditional facsimile systems obsolete. And with Microsoft Outlook integration you can scan documents to your contacts inbox as .PDF or .TIFF files.

Swyx is Personal

CloudyComms’ sister company CloudyCreative are on hand to offer full customisation of the Swyx skin to create a unique look and feel for your telecommunication platform that is inkeeping with your brand. Users can then add speed dials and line buttons to suit their needs.

A personal voicemail system is available for users, with extensive functions. Voicemails can be sent as an attachment to an email address to be retrieved by the recipient. Messages can then be forwarded, answered, saved or deleted. Alternatively, users can retrieve their voicemail messages by remote access via telephone or the SwyxIt! app.

Swyx is Integrated

Swyx from CloudyComms is optimised with features to increase your productivity by integrating with leading programmes from Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes. As an additional feature we are also pleased to be able to integrate your Swyx system into advanced analytics and call recording as well as callwall boards for real-time call data streaming.

The Computer Telephony Integration mode (or CTI) of Swyx enables users to integrate their telephony software on the desktop of their computer or smartphone application into the physical phone on their desk as well. So whichever system fits best with the configuration of your organisation, the mergeability of Swyx gives you the scope to evolve your telephony without compromising your productivity.

Swyx is Performance

Here at CloudyComms we know that communication is about more than just telephony. With a Swyx unified communications package your business communication is expediently linked to your business processes. New methods of business interaction with partners and clients will not only improve productivity and performance but enhance the internal communication and brand buy-in within your organisation.
Company-wide phonebooks, in additional to personal contact lists, allow users to quickly and easily access contacts from across their organisation, and the rich-presence enables visibility of who available at any given time. Individual users can then define their own speed dials for both internal and external contacts, structured by department if desired, saving time and energy for those frequent calls. In addition, the call journal feature provides users with an overview of all incoming and outgoing calls, redials, missed calls, callback requests, and recorded calls.

Swyx is Intelligent

Call routing management is at the heart of the Swyx telephony system, allowing users to automatically forward calls to an alternative number of your choice. And the intelligence call forwarding uses information captured from Microsoft Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes calendar information so that there is no need to manually activate or deactivate you call forwarding. You can also use the integrated rule assistant to auto-implement call forwarding at set times or days such as weekends or at regular meeting times.

Swyx is Open-minded

The Plug-in technology that Swyx is built upon allows collaborative applications to be seamlessly integrated into the interface, including third-party manufacturers using our Software Development Kit (SDK). As well as integrating into your external applications, the Swyx solution is continually expanding to increase the capabilities of your system.

Swyx is Accessible

With SwyxIt! Mobile users can easily integrate their softphone system from their office communications into their Apple iPhone* or Android Smartphone. This enables clients to access their contacts remotely and use a single phone number, for both incoming and outgoing calls, for all their business telephony while on the move or from the office.

*iPhone 5 or higher and iOS Version 8, via Apple iTunes App Store and Android Version 4.4 or higher via Google Play Store.