Swyx Features


Bespoke add-on Swyx features with next-level call analytics, custom-designed skin to tie in with your brand, and a Unified Comms system that is truly your own.


Take your telecoms to the next level with call analytics from CloudyComms.


We know how important it is to make the most of your call system. Our call analysis features have been designed to maximise your telephony system with the latest integrated innovations in call analysis, recording features and visual displays.

Callwall Boards

Feeds from multiple data sources
View accurate data in real time
Make intelligent business decisions

Callwall Boards from CloudyComms allow your office or call centre to view your data, including call data from CommsVision (below), in realtime in a user-friendly and dynamic display format. This innovative solution also allows you to pull in data from multiple data sources to cross-reference internal data such as customer details or financial information with your call data for visual display. This visual data display enables users to deploy resources accurately.



If you have invested in a telephony system from CloudyComms you may wish to consider upgrading with our call data analysis package, CommsVision. One of many state of the art Swyx features; CommsVision allows you to see call data in a statistical breakdown, with an interactive dashboard unique to you.

Track the peak call times for your department, see which team members are handling calls, determine whether most calls are ingoing or outgoing, and more with CommsVision. You can also retrieve call recordings from the CommsVault add-on feature for call training or liability. And if your organisation has PCI compliance to meet, you can opt for the CommsConnect toolbar in Swyx which will allow you to pause recordings for sensitive data such as debit card details and then resume at your discretion.

Talk to our team of telephony experts to day who will be able to advise you on the best add-ons for your Swyx analysis.


Integrate your phone system into your IT infrastructure


From bespoke add-on features to personalise your telecoms software to a custom-designed skin that’s in-keeping with your brand, we can help you to fully customise your unified comms system to make it truly your own.

Manage all your client activity with Comms Integrate – one of many intelligent Swyx features.

Comms Integrate allows your business or organisation to intelligently integrate your CRM+ or ITSM system with your Swyx system for intelligent call routing and account data retrieval. Maximise your phone system for more effective businesses.

CRM Integration

Our CRM database integration, Comms Integrate, intelligently connects to your Swyx system to allow you route calls more effectively. This means that by working collaboratively, incoming Swyx calls will be screened for the customer information then routed to the corrected account manager or call handler. The system will then pull up the account information to give the call handler all the data they need for when they answer the call.

Database integration can streamline your customer’s experience and improve relations with clients as well as making call handling more time effective. By using your Swyx system to its full potential, you can see a real return on the investment in your telephony.


Make your unified comms your own

From bespoke add-on features to personalise your telecoms software to a custom-designed skin that’s in-keeping with your brand, we can help you to fully customise your unified comms system to make it truly your own with unique Swyx features.

Swyx Fax Interface

Integrate contemporary scan-to-email technology with traditional fax functionality as scanned documents can be emailed to a fax number through the power of Swyx. Fax lines can also be set up to receive incoming faxes as PDFs too.

Conference rooms

Set up conference and meeting rooms for multi-user conversations including external numbers. Optional features include entry PINs and Outlook calendar invitations to make your business meetings happen even if you can’t get together.

Extended Call Routing

SwyxECR (Extended Call Routing) is a simple tool allowing users to set up action sequences for incoming calls, enabling you to easily manage complex call handling. Set up options menus to route calls to multiple numbers or specific departments to ensure they are always answered.

Outlook integration

With the latest integration features from Swyx, the desktop module can integrate into your Outlook application – allow Swyx to retrieve email data from incoming callers to keep you up to speed, and call contacts straight from emails.

Swyx Voice Recording

If your business might benefit from recording all calls, SwyxRecord can be enabled to allow you to easily record all calls for later perusal. Calls are stored in an easy-to-use format and can be shared or stored too.

SwyxCTI+ Integration

If you’re not ready to take the leap to a full softphone on your desktop, but would like to use a traditional handset, then SwyxCTI+ can fully integrate these two technologies for the functionality you need with all the added features of VoIP.

Tailored to you

Keep your team focused on your company’s brand while they interact with customers with a fully branded SwyxIt! interface that blends your corporate colours and logo into your softphone

Interface Customisation

Studies have shown the correlation between internal brand communication and external marketing. No matter what department your employees work in, positive brand recognition can create great brand ambassadors. To find out more about internal communication as a marketing tool, read CloudyCreative’s blog here.

Advantages of using a Customised Interface:

  • Corporate colours and logos shown across your Swyx
  • Reinforce your brand to staff
  • Keep your comms “on brand”
  • Take ownership of your unified comms solution

If you would like the Swyx interface to be fully on-brand across your company, then why not consider a customised Swyx interface from our sister company CloudyCreative.

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