Bonded Solutions

Powered by viprinet

State of the art multi-channel internet for hard to reach locations

Never be offline again with the power of Viprinet bonded internet connectivity from CloudyComms. This innovative solution draws an internet connection from multiple channels to keep you connected on the move or in remote locations with a rock-solid stable connection.

Mission-Critical Bonding powered by Viprinet to create fast, reliable, encrypted connectivity between remote or mobile sites.

  • Aggregates bandwidth from any available internet connection
  • Bonds 3G + 4G + Wi-Fi + Fixed Lines + Satellites
  • Deployable on-demand at virtually any location

We pride ourselves on bringing the latest and best innovations to the mainstream market to ensure business continuity for professional and public-sector users. Viprinet gives rock-solid connectivity with built-in failsafes unlocking internet capabilities such as VoIP as well as stable e-commerce and digital marketing. We increase your uptime and bring you affordable solutions to suit your business.

What can we do for your business?

Bandwidth too low? Then we have what you need. With a Viprinet SD-WAN connection from CloudyComms we can offer an innovative bonded-source solution by integrating multiple channels into a single, stable, optimised internet and phone connection that allow you to utilise all of your available bandwidth in the trickiest of locations.

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    Solid Connectivity

    We design for redundancy, so with CloudyComms you’re always covered. With our bonded lines your systems always stay online.

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    Bonded Infrastructure

    Our solution will get you the maximum use of all available bandwidth, giving you more mileage and speed out of your connections.

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    Unbeatable Security

    As well as bonding multiple internet supply channels, our Viprinet solutions offer the highest security to keep you safe against cyber-threats.

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    Constructed for You

    We take on board the location constraints of your business, whether it’s in a remote location or even a non-fixed location and offer you the best quality of service.

Providing modern communication services, delivered on old-fashioned values and excellent customer care. If you’d like more information about us or wish to talk to a member of CloudyComms, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us.


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